I am on a mission and dare you to care.


I suppose you think you don’t know anyone who is HIV Positive……..Surprise, Surprise, how wrong you can be?


This may well be the most important item you read today.


It may possibly be your neighbour, your best friend, an aunt, your brother, a cousin, a colleague, parent or even YOUR partner! Anyone could potentially be HIV+, yes, true story.


The fact of the matter is, you do know someone, and they may just not have disclosed their status as yet. Why? Because of the prejudice surrounding the virus and we all hate to be “judged”, don’t we?


You may be thinking; how does this affect me? Well, I personally put my fear in my pocket and made it my mission to make others aware of the pitfalls and the available support by sharing first-hand knowledge by undertaking to do talks and presentations around the country, adding value to individuals as well as group counselling, to those open enough to be concerned, gain knowledge and NOT judge.


Because of the nature of the virus, I have experienced the emotional and physical turmoil of my HIV positive status. I was never offered any support to speak of and had no idea where to go. I literally felt my life had fallen out from under me.


My mission is NOT to allow these regular people, just like you, to live with that outlook and fear. Without pointing fingers, which we know does not change anything; frequently find these human beings are unable to finance the cover of a consultation and receive the support they so badly require before going back into the world, misinformed or untutored, living positively or negatively without pre or post counselling.


It is still heard that the ‘black and gay populace have ‘AIDS’, how sad Mr & Mrs X. The HI virus is widespread throughout the human race, be it White, Black, Indian, Coloured or the rest of the human race.


No-one goes out purposely to get infected, trust me! Nor did I, it happens, be open, take heed; it could be someone close to you next time. If this message is not continued out there, with a 1000 new infections daily, it’s a possibility/probability that this trend will continue. Prevention and support can only be achieved with the participation of the community and nation at large.


By showing your support and empathy to the cause, you could assist in maintaining the many projects structured through the counselling centre, based in and around the country which remain vital to the wellbeing and survival of many people whether face to face, social media or through telephone access.


The counselling centre is based in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, started in January 2011 and has been sustained by my family and close friends, however, the time has now come for the lease to be renewed for a further 12 months and we wish to continue sharing the message. By requesting your assistance to what may not be your problem, but a cause that you too could support, we anticipate giving hope to many.


To make a difference in some small way, please find attached a Debit Order Form that can be returned to the below listed details or find the bank details for a once off donation.


Feel free to share this email, much appreciated. Having shared our message we thank you in advance for your support.


Yours sincerely,




Cell: 073 73 96 044

Fax: 086 56 46 935

P.O. Box 763



NPO 093-243


Email:                                    cindy@cindypivacic.co.za

Skype:                                   cindy.pivacic

Twitter:                                 @cindypivacic


SSETA Accredited HIV Skills Training (US 13915) – IEC Facilitator – Speaker – Counselling – Trauma Debriefing – HIV Activist – HIV Skills Project Management – Workshop Facilitation

FNB – Westville


Account Name                AID My Journey Support

Account Type Cheque    Account – (non-profit)

Account Number            6233 080 2712

Universal Br Code          250655




Account Name              AID My Journey-Support

Account Type Savings  (non-profit)

Account Number           9266 809 550

Branch Code 632005     (Pinetown



(An opportunity for schools/scholars to also get involved)

Support our Skills Initiative Projects sms the word ‘THINK’ to 38665 to donate R10.00

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