It would be very remiss of me if I let this slide, especially after Liezel van der Westhuizen, a speaker colleague, friend, and Mastermind Associate could get so excited on my behalf.


I received an animated phone call saying:


‘Do you know that you are ranked Fourth (4th) on the list of famous motivational speakers in South Africa’?


Needless to say, I hopped straight on to the internet to check it out, lo and behold; there I am on a list of 80 of my peers, who would have thought!


I have no doubt it has a lot to do with the amount of visibility, through marketing, SEO’s and general PR that I have done since going public with my HIV status in 2011. (Diagnosed 2004).


It is however very rewarding to know that your message of HIV awareness is recognised, onwards and upwards.


Thanks again @Liezelv #GiraffeLiezel #Giraffeinthecity, much appreciated for sharing this with me, we as speakers should celebrate each other as candidly as you did as we all have an important messages to share.


Check out the list.

 South African companies should engage Brand Ambassadors to be their spokesperson, not only for their brand but as part of our strategy to curb the pandemic of HIV & AIDS?

Brand Ambassador



Today’s competition among brands for a particular niche is really tough and challenging. If this is not addressed properly, you will find yourself in the midst of brand giants that will bury your brand’s popularity.


You need to find ways to deal with this and develop unique ways to stand out in the crowd.


A popular solution is through the use of a brand persona. Susan Gunelius said, “Your brand is like a person with its own distinct personality”


So is it a must that your corporate brand ambassador is a celebrity? Definitely not!


Your choice can be someone that embodies your brand but he/she must possess the following:


7 Must Have Characteristics of a Corporate Brand Ambassador:


1.Knowledgeable and Innovative in marketing brands

Knowledgeable – Becoming a brand ambassador means that a person is automatically a marketing representative of the company.


2.Professional speaker


Ensure that your brand ambassadors are proactively initiating conversation with others in promoting your brand’s product; be it goods or services.




The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to embody the values, the character and the overall image inherent to the brand.




Credibility of your ambassador is very important. A known and respected authority person adds value to your brand versus extremely expensive advertising campaigns.


5.Relationship Builder


Speaking for your brand is one thing, building a solid relationship is another, and the latter is more important.


6.Team Player


Indeed, brand ambassadors should be high-caliber people. But more than this, they should see themselves as part of the team.




Your ambassadors should also be updated on the latest trends that people recognize. Today, people are very much inclined to the use of social media.




Selecting the right brand ambassador (brand persona) is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You need to maximize this wonderful opportunity in building up your brand. Pick the right person with the right skills. Have you considered a brand ambassador? Does your brand ambassador exhibit the core values of your company? Remember your ambassador personifies your corporate brand; choose the best image you want to display.

(Extracts only) Reference: Venchito Tampon


Final Word                                                                                                                                  

by Cindy Pivacic


This option should be the way forward for all companies as it not only promotes their product with a relationship building persona but will contribute to the fact that the company is fully engaged in the welfare of the country.


As a person living with HIV for 11 years and engaged in Sales & Marketing for 30+ years, am in a unique position to be heard and have an excellent online presence to boot.  With the added value that I am a Speaker and Trainer providing services to various corporate and public events thereby making an impact on the lives of others, is a considerable bonus to any company considering this option.


South Africa had 750 THOUSAND NEW infections in 2 years which means the workforce is harshly affected!


My question to you is:

What is your company willing to do to become involved in the curbing of infections and improvement of life, enabling progress in South Africa? 

 Contact me if you wish to discuss opportunities

Tel: 021 839 4529

Cell: 0737396044



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Valued Testimonials from Valued Associates

On 31 March, 2015, in Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

testimonial tuesday


Linkedin Testimonials:



Shawn Fouche

On-line and Social Media Practitioner


Cindy is one of the most dynamic, upbeat and a person who embraces life to the full. She has a story that needs to be heard and her work and activism in the area of HIV and AIDS is remarkable. You are missing out on an incredible motivational opportunity and also to help others living with HIV and AIDS if you do not get Cindy in to speak at your organisation.


Alma Maxwell

Social Media Setup | Strategy | Management | Training | Speaking


I was fortunate enough to arrange for Cindy to be a speaker at my Rotary Club of Durban North. Cindy is vibrant, charming and candid and her talk fascinating. Her personal and personable talk on a serious subject was anything but depressing. Cindy is an inspiration and I recommend her to anyone looking for an engaging and interesting speaker. I also wish her all of the best with her book ‘The Deadly Seducer‘ which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


Robyn Norman

Office Administrator


Cindy is passionate about her cause and will go to the ends of the earth to help the next person. Cindy is always there for you, no matter how small your issue is. She is amazingly resilient with her endless energy with assisting others. Her talks are to the point and informative. She is professional and reliable with all aspects of her work.


Fred Felton

Social Media Engineer, Falconscove, Partner at Social By The Sea


I was privileged to hear Cindy speak at a networking meeting. Cindy is indeed an inspiring speaker. She is also a fantastic motivational speaker and trainer. I would recommend her for any company; organisation or networking meeting that is looking to book a motivational speaker.

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Workshop HIV & AIDS – Let’s ‘THINK’ Are you a JUMP ahead?


I am looking for Event Companies that are capable of putting 2015 Training Workshops together, start to finish, includes:


  • Venue hiring
  • Database – plus mine
  • Travel, planning….the works!


WHO is up for  the challenge in  Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN


I require established organisations

Download (PDF, 491KB)

with at least 3 to 5 years experience, no newbie’s please.


See attachment for content of Workshop and if you are interested, contact me please at for further information.

Need an HIV+ Speaker?

On 31 October, 2014, in Speaking Engagements, The Deadly Seducer, by Cindy Pivacic

Download (PDF, 425KB)

‘Cindy Pivacic is a Trainer, Speaker, Author, Counsellor and Activist on HIV & AIDS.
She is in the unique position to add value, having presented numerous talks and workshops on a range of essential HIV & AIDS issues creating awareness and sharing information.

In 2011 she founded a centre for people living with HIV & AIDS to assist them in skills development and knowledge to empower them to get back into the workforce’.

#Hashtag Radio interview 27th October 2014

On 28 October, 2014, in Gallery, Media, by Cindy Pivacic


Hashtag Radio 27th October 2014

A very well thought out and insightful interview with Leandre de Bruyn.

That is where the message needs to start…..the youth.

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Feedback from Durban Academy – HIV Presentation Gr11

On 5 February, 2014, in Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

Durban Academy 4Feb14 640







Dearest Cindy,


Thank you so much for talking to our kids about HIV and AIDS.


You have turned mere Buzz words into a reality for them and touched them in a
way that a teacher talking about the topic could not. HIV to them is now more
than just a red ribbon.


Thanks again for your “positive” touch.



Warren Wessels
Senior Life Science and English Home Language Educator

Interview 1KZN TV – ‘The Deadly Seducer’

On 2 February, 2014, in Book, Media, Press, Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

At last I have a copy of the interview with 1 KZN TV.


Book launch interview of ‘The Deadly Seducer’ first flighted on 10th October 2013.


Some Q & A’s around how I manage my health and the reason for writing a book of my experiences, living with the HI virus.

Follow the youtube link to view.