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Balance & Bounce

Being more than my HIV status and having had to deal with numerous lifestyle changes, health issues and experiences has taken this page to another level.

The fact that I have researched and adapted my lifestyle, diet and many other facets of life, has given life to the alternative services I offer.


Services & Experience:


Trauma & Lay Counsellor covering a spectrum of in-house issues relating to employee well-being.


* Healthy Eating (the why’s of obesity which leads to high BP and heart disease)

* Employee dynamics

* Bullying

* Rape and Abuse

* Alcohol abuse

* Relationships

* HIV Counselling


Furthermore, I Train and Speak on Counselling, ‘CHOICES’ and ‘HIV & AIDS in the Workplace’.




Book title: ‘Error Terror & Triumph’ Subtitle: Learn before you Leap


This talk is targeted on the youth but not exclusively as it is valuable to one and all and particularly beneficial when entering adult life and the working world, enlightening individuals of potential pitfalls, panics and pleasures that could occur and how to avoid or embrace the lesson.


Each chapter of the 26 lessons starts with a letter of the alphabet i.e. ‘A’ – Action, followed up with a factual experience.


Ending with a maximum of 140 characters which is easily shared on Twitter of the #LifeLesson I learnt from this experience.


  1. HIV & AIDS Training & Awareness


Book title: ‘The Deadly Seducer‘


An account of my story about how I came to contract HIV & AIDS and how I responded to it.


Not only am I living healthy years later, but my energetic character has been poured into helping others experiencing the same situation.


I present talks and workshops on living positively with HIV & AIDS and those, with this book and my online presence, provides me the opportunity to create awareness, give testimony concerning the HIV & AIDS pandemic, and to assist in de-stigmatising this secret killer’.


Balance & Bounce

Through the Circle of Life


Downloadable Info Kit Below:

Download (PDF, 507KB)

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Cindy Pivacic                                                                

AID My Journey-Support

NPO 093-243

073 73 96 044


HIV Counselling Online

HIV & AIDS counselling & consulting now available online



Cape Town, South Africa



Online HIV Counselling via Skype is a vital move to allow confidential access to support for both HIV positive individuals as well as their families. It has to be made available as an alternative to physical counselling centers. Counselling is necessary to encourage HIV adherence to medication and lifestyle changes. By providing this medium of confidential support and ease of access to information, adherence and change will be sustained.


The stigma still attached to individuals living with HIV & AIDS means that many people are reluctant to use or be seen near the physical and therefor visible public counselling centers. By providing this service online, the individual has the choice of location they are most comfortable with, as well as an assurance of external anonymity.


Besides the obvious need for information and support for the individual, it is also important for the success and stability of companies, that their workforce receives the help they need. Skype counselling is just one alternative offering equal opportunity to develop.


With AID My Journey-Support’s mantra, #TakeCareBeAware; the aim is not only to offer a service to HIV positive individuals but also those that require general information or have been involved in suspected HIV exposure or risky sexual behaviour and require information and support. AID My Journey has seen many enquiries come through social media over the last four years, and not only from South Africa but from various parts of the world. This has necessitated the next logical step to offer support, namely Skype.


One of the greatest concerns is that people are not testing or receiving the support and are defaulting on their treatment due to the discomfort of having to face their community in a public environment.


AID My Journey-Support aims to mobilise and empower the South African business sector as well as the population at large to take effective action on HIV and AIDS. The nature of the business is to educate, mentor and motivate the South African community to take care of their health and well-being.


Skype:                                           cindy.pivacic


Media/Press/Info Kit:           

Testimonials (HIV+ clients):

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A Mother’s ‘Thanks’

On 12 August, 2013, in Media, Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

A message received from a Mother.

What it’s all about!!

‘Good morning Cindy, thanks ,for seeing my children yesterday.
You made them smile again and that means a lot to me .
You are one in a million, thanks again’.

~name withheld~

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I am on a mission and dare you to care.


I suppose you think you don’t know anyone who is HIV Positive……..Surprise, Surprise, how wrong you can be?


This may well be the most important item you read today.


It may possibly be your neighbour, your best friend, an aunt, your brother, a cousin, a colleague, parent or even YOUR partner! Anyone could potentially be HIV+, yes, true story.


The fact of the matter is, you do know someone, and they may just not have disclosed their status as yet. Why? Because of the prejudice surrounding the virus and we all hate to be “judged”, don’t we?


You may be thinking; how does this affect me? Well, I personally put my fear in my pocket and made it my mission to make others aware of the pitfalls and the available support by sharing first-hand knowledge by undertaking to do talks and presentations around the country, adding value to individuals as well as group counselling, to those open enough to be concerned, gain knowledge and NOT judge.


Because of the nature of the virus, I have experienced the emotional and physical turmoil of my HIV positive status. I was never offered any support to speak of and had no idea where to go. I literally felt my life had fallen out from under me.


My mission is NOT to allow these regular people, just like you, to live with that outlook and fear. Without pointing fingers, which we know does not change anything; frequently find these human beings are unable to finance the cover of a consultation and receive the support they so badly require before going back into the world, misinformed or untutored, living positively or negatively without pre or post counselling.


It is still heard that the ‘black and gay populace have ‘AIDS’, how sad Mr & Mrs X. The HI virus is widespread throughout the human race, be it White, Black, Indian, Coloured or the rest of the human race.


No-one goes out purposely to get infected, trust me! Nor did I, it happens, be open, take heed; it could be someone close to you next time. If this message is not continued out there, with a 1000 new infections daily, it’s a possibility/probability that this trend will continue. Prevention and support can only be achieved with the participation of the community and nation at large.


By showing your support and empathy to the cause, you could assist in maintaining the many projects structured through the counselling centre, based in and around the country which remain vital to the wellbeing and survival of many people whether face to face, social media or through telephone access.


The counselling centre is based in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, started in January 2011 and has been sustained by my family and close friends, however, the time has now come for the lease to be renewed for a further 12 months and we wish to continue sharing the message. By requesting your assistance to what may not be your problem, but a cause that you too could support, we anticipate giving hope to many.


To make a difference in some small way, please find attached a Debit Order Form that can be returned to the below listed details or find the bank details for a once off donation.


Feel free to share this email, much appreciated. Having shared our message we thank you in advance for your support.


Yours sincerely,




Cell: 073 73 96 044

Fax: 086 56 46 935

P.O. Box 763



NPO 093-243



Skype:                                   cindy.pivacic

Twitter:                                 @cindypivacic


SSETA Accredited HIV Skills Training (US 13915) – IEC Facilitator – Speaker – Counselling – Trauma Debriefing – HIV Activist – HIV Skills Project Management – Workshop Facilitation

FNB – Westville


Account Name                AID My Journey Support

Account Type Cheque    Account – (non-profit)

Account Number            6233 080 2712

Universal Br Code          250655




Account Name              AID My Journey-Support

Account Type Savings  (non-profit)

Account Number           9266 809 550

Branch Code 632005     (Pinetown



(An opportunity for schools/scholars to also get involved)

Support our Skills Initiative Projects sms the word ‘THINK’ to 38665 to donate R10.00

A Hale and Hearty Greeting,


How do you feel? Great!!!


I am quite sure you think you don’t know anyone who is HIV Positive…Wrong!


Continue reading if you have a concern for your fellow human.


Your neighbour, best friend, aunt, brother, cousin, colleague, parent and even YOUR partner may be HIV+, true story. The fact of the matter is you do know someone, they just may not have disclosed their status as yet because of the prejudice surrounding the virus.


You think it may not affect you but it does and it will. Isn’t it nice to know that someone out there living with the virus, that will be me, put their fear in their pocket and went public so that others may benefit with the knowledge and talks presented, sometimes for a fee but mostly not and that includes individual counselling and presentations to corporates who have access to do so.


I am not pointing fingers as most of these individuals do not have the funds to cover a consultation and I can’t allow them to go back into the world misinformed or uneducated either living positively or negatively without pre or post counselling.


‘Black and gay people have AIDS’ REALLY!!! I hear this still, how sad Mr & Mrs X. The HI virus is widespread throughout the human race. HIV does not discriminate. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich, Poor, middle-class, White, Black, Indian, coloured and the rest of humanity, the virus doesn’t care. I didn’t go out purposely to get infected, trust me! Nor did most people, it happens, Deal With It’.


Take heed, it could be someone close to you next if the message is not continued out there, with a 1000 new infections daily, it’s a possibility/probability. Prevention can only be achieved with the support of the community and nation at large.


Show some empathy and assist in maintaining the counselling centre as the projects that are in progress are paramount to the wellbeing and survival of many people.


The time has come for the lease to be renewed at the counselling centre and I am deliberating as to whether to sign for another 12 months or not.


The centre has been sustained purely out of my own pocket and that of my family and close friends….no more!


Harsh, yes, that’s me……I hope that you have got the message loud and clear as it is not something you want or wish on anyone.


Lastly, feel free to share what you comfortably are able to. Consider contributing to the organisation as it will be most appreciated by many.


By way of contributing, please find attached Debit Order Form (R50 – R100 or much much, more) 😉 and banking details should you wish to make an EFT contribution.


Many thanks, yours in sharing.






Cell: 073 73 96 044

Fax: 086 56 46 935

P.O. Box 763



NPO 093-243




Facebook Bus Page:

Skype:                                    cindy.pivacic

Twitter:                                 @cindypivacic


SSETA Accredited HIV Skills Training (US 13915) –  IEC Facilitator – Speaker – Counselling – Trauma Debriefing – HIV Activist – HIV Skills Project Management – Workshop Facilitation

If you do not wish to receive information, updates, request and invites from us please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line, thank you.


FNB – Westville

Account Name                     AID My Journey Support

Account Type                       Cheque Account – (non-profit)

Account Number                 6233 080 2712

Universal Br Code               250655



Account Name                     AID My Journey-Support

Account Type                       Savings – (non-profit)

Account Number                 9266 809 550

Branch Code                        632005 (Pinetown)



Support our Skills Initiative Projects sms the word ‘THINK’ to 38665 to donate R10.00

A mere R10.00 could help a rape, transfusion or unintentional condom mishap to receive support – not all incidents is self inflicted

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The recipient agrees to instruct each employee not to disclose any information concerning this document to others except to the extent those matters are generally known to, and is available for use by, the public. The recipient also agrees not to duplicate, distribute, or permit others to duplicate or distribute any material contained herein without AID My Journey-Support’s express written consent.


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