Beware of leaving your bookings until the last minute.

Let’s get started!

It happens every year and leaves many companies disappointed and scrambling (me too as I try to accommodate everyone) for a World AIDS Day speaker.

Ideas needed? Some combination topics to consider:

  • The HIV and AIDS Pandemic
  • HIV Statistics – SA vs World
  • How HIV is transmitted
  • Living positively with HIV
  • Counselling, Testing & Treatment
  • Managing HIV and AIDS in the workplace

There IS still a huge problem.

Infections Worldwide         THREE every minute

Deaths Worldwide             TWO every minute

Let’s unpack the problem together!



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Presenting at International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) Cape Town on the 9th Dec 2015 themed

IWPG Pic of Group

Speak to me if you would like to know how we can address topics around HIV & AIDS to your Staff, Scholars, Students, Medical Institutions and your Community.

You have something to say?

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If there is anyone keen to be a guest or participant on Viber Public Chat with me, download the app and let me know you are available and I will add you as a perm/temp participant. (inbox me your phone number so I can add you to my contact list)

I would like people that will ADD VALUE, nutritionists, people living with HIV, Dr’s, Virologists, Gov officials, Social Workers, celebs and other interesting, community active people.

Join me on Viber, a free and amazing app for calls and messages! –

Link to the Public Chat I am hosting


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I do things differently and started 2016 with a new hair colour….let’s GO #BeyondHIV


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It took me SIX years after diagnosis in 2004 to go public with my HIV status. It was not easy……


Today it is FIVE years since taking that plunge!


My thanks to ALL the people that supported this event and to those that have paved the way for me since, your presence has been unwavering.


Many Thanks to:


Charlotte Kemp and Shawn Fouche for sponsoring my website and ‘forcing’ me to:




My Mother of course deserves more than anyone, my thanks, as she has been my, in her words, ‘biggest fan’ since going public.


I look forward to many healthy years and support going forward as I still have plenty to do!


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Viber Invite & Press Release

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Game On!

My quote for Viber Press Release Today

“We’re in a new era of HIV care and prevention”, says Cindy Pivacic, HIV Speaker, Trainer and Activist. “Viber Public Chats represent an ideal platform for spreading messages and debating HIV issues.” Cindy’s decision to go public with her status was prompted by her own experience with the disease. After acquiring numerous illnesses associated with HIV and AIDS, Cindy realised that she would not cope without the help of others. “Through the use of Viber Public Chats, I hope to bring together a group of people who have experiences to share and discuss HIV knowledge, stigma and prevention and ultimately call on people to get tested.”

Join me on Viber, a free and amazing app for calls and messages!

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       The link for the Public Chat I am hosting


Why Viber?

Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere!

  • Free text, calling, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber users*
  • No registration, alias or invitations required
  • Instantly integrates with your own contact list
  • Best-quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi
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Unexpected Affirmation – Gratitude

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Receiving affirmation makes the journey so much more meaningful.


I had a lovely note come via my LinkedIn message box recently and with permission I share the following which I appreciate Mmabatho taking the time out of her day to write to me.



Mmabatho Mfikwe – Chief Director at Public Works, Roads & Transport

‘I am dropping you a note to say I find your articles highly informative, candid and a must read for everyone. Just read the Deadly Seducer article….


As a Corporate Services manager, I deal with a variety of healthy lifestyle articles and I have to reflect on HIV AIDS amongst the topics one must research on, reflect and share information on at each Executive meeting.


I have referred our Departmental management team to your link and requested them to read up on your articles as well.


Thank you for sharing information’.

Mmabatho Mfikwe





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