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My talks consist of empowering and educating people on living with this life threatening disease in a manner that could, if handled correctly, prolong their lives. As well as trying to alleviate the stigma attached to the disease, I am able to counsel individuals should they require the personal one on one option, as I have completed a Lay Counsellor and Victim Empowerment Course.

I hope this site will help put some perspective on the disease and take away the fear people have of living with the disease or going for that dreaded test.

My opinion is still rather that you should know your status than not know it!  Knowing your status means you can “Deal With It”, make the correct choices to live a healthy ongoing lifestyle and you will be surprised at the acceptance and support you receive from friends and family.

I am an in-your-face kind of person but try not to come across as arrogant, disrespectful, or condescending but do tend to say a thing as it is and if I do this and it provokes you into action then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

I hope if not for yourself that this site may help someone you know and care about, that they will find this helpful in order to live and manage their disease.

My presentations and support are aimed at Corporate institutions, NGOs, small and large groups, as well as Company functions and conferences designed to be enlightening and motivational. I am not limited to any type of business and welcome all enquiries.

I would like to share a few of my often heard sayings and hope they will get you thinking, my absolute favourite is:

“Deal With It” – As my daughter has politely reminded me, I use constantly.

“Don’t knock denial, it can be very useful” – Kate Carr – I will explain this one in my Blog later.  Remember it.

“Gratitude Nurtures Attitude” – Need I say more!

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  1. Mariëtte Vlok says:

    Hi Cindy,
    We are a small factory on the west coast-Lambertsbay.
    Would love to hear your presentation. Can you please let me know about costs etc.
    Kind Regards.
    Mariëtte Vlok

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