A very concerning and unfortunate incident arose yesterday when a client contacted me.


This person had unknowingly been exposed to the HI virus in the middle of last year (2014), when an individual cut themselves badly and the client had an open wound at the time which was not well covered.


The infected person only informed my client when they, themselves, found out recently, so we are talking in the region of a six (6) month gap.


Prior to contacting me, he/she went to their GP who decided to test, rightly so, by doing the Elisa Test, which is by drawing blood rather than the Rapid Test which is a finger prick, returning a result in 10/20 min the Elisa was sent to a laboratory, results back late afternoon.


The Doctor decided in the interim, that as a safety precaution the client should commence taking the 30 day treatment of Prophylactics.


Th client obviously hit a panic and subsequently made contact with me.


Sadly the time-span had elapsed, as you only have a 72 hour period post exposure to potentially prevent yourself becoming infected.


I was horrified but ecstatic that someone had advised him/her to make contact with me as they were understandably in a state of panic.


After explaining, reassuring and sharing as much information as I could, it was now a matter of waiting……….


Dear Doctor… stupid can you be, this person is given false hope as you were either not paying attention to the time frame or  you are seriously careless, unacceptable!!


Fortunately a negative result came back, it’s one of the times you don’t want anyone to say “you are Positive’!


I made contact with the client and asked permission to share this incident as I believe there is still so much unknown and misinformation in the market place and when it comes from a ‘trusted source’ like a medical person, even more scary.


I have obviously kept the persons name and the area out of the post as it is a confidential matter.


I have however posted the comment he/she shared with me later today when I followed up. it reads as follows:


2/10/2015 16:32: Cindy Pivacic HIV: I hope you have recovered from your ordeal.


Client: ‘Thanks.. I am, it’s an experience that I will never forget.   I have a new understanding and respect for being “tested”. It’s an overwhelming experience. My body truly ached with the tension and waiting for my results was daunting.


The nurse that took my blood was great! She actually stopped and asked if I was ok…  she was really caring which calmed me a little.


 I know now that I truly don’t know enough. And I thought that I did. #embarrassed


Thanks again for your advice and support… u spoke sense and also what the next step was if I was positive and that life does go on and it can be done. U say it with confidence, and that’s what made me feel ok’.


2/10/2015 16:44: Cindy Pivacic HIV: So glad that you are in a better space, it’s not a pleasant experience at all and glad I could be of assistance. I am sure you will become a great advocate getting people to get counselled prior to testing 😉


Client: 2/10/2015 16:47: ‘THANKS. .. I definitely will. I will be passing it on where I work.




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On 22 January, 2015, in Health and Wellness, by Cindy Pivacic


It was a scary step I took to go public with my HIV status on the 22 January 2011 and I haven’t looked back since.


Thanks to Charlotte Kemp from and Shawn Fouche from as they ‘forced’ me to put myself out there and do something that was only a growing thought at the time.


What happened that day, after many stops and starts in the constructing of my website, was that I went around to Charlotte and finalised a few posts, closed my eyes and pressed the send button to go public. The amazing support and feedback that came my way from the get go was astounding and the backing has never dried up.


One of my decisions to go public was to provide access to others living with HIV; a place and person they could relate to in the same situation, enabling them to source/share information and receive support.


I am happy to say people have found me via many of the social media forums and I find myself in the fortunate position to assist by communicating reliable information to those infected and affected.


My health situation has been great for the last seven years having dealt with various acquired afflictions such as pneumonia, shingles, two strokes (2005 & 2006), TB Meningitis as well as Cancer, namely Angioimmunoblasticlymphadenopathy ;-).


I attribute my present good health partly to the fact that I disclosed my status, thus removing the burden of silence which leads to stress, leading to ill health. My Mother Lindsay Heydenrych (80 yrs) and on Facebook I might add, has been my greatest support over the years and for this, I thank you.


November 2014 I hit my 10 year anniversary of living with HIV & AIDS and am sure I will be around for a long time to come and know that there are no wrong questions……if you don’t know the question, you certainly won’t know the answer, ask!


Hopefully by doing what i am doing we will remove that dreaded word, ‘Stigma’ . Think before you use it and refer to the virus as a ‘chronic illness’ instead.


Let’s get the year going with this; Spread the word not the Virus


Thanks to ONE and ALL for your ongoing support








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Workshop HIV & AIDS – Let’s ‘THINK’ Are you a JUMP ahead?


I am looking for Event Companies that are capable of putting 2015 Training Workshops together, start to finish, includes:


  • Venue hiring
  • Database – plus mine
  • Travel, planning….the works!


WHO is up for  the challenge in  Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN


I require established organisations

Download (PDF, 491KB)

with at least 3 to 5 years experience, no newbie’s please.


See attachment for content of Workshop and if you are interested, contact me please at for further information.

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HIV & AIDS is NOT a Shame!

On 10 November, 2014, in Health and Wellness, HIV & AIDS FAQ, by Cindy Pivacic


With the advent of my HI virus status hitting the TEN year mark on the 11th November 2014, I would like to share the following:

HIV & AIDS is NOT a Shame,

Cindy Pivacic is this Babes name,


Living positively with HIV and AIDS,

In 2012, 400 thousand new infections strong,

South Africa, we are doing something wrong,

We can change AIDS – A. I. D. S,

Action Involves Doing Something,


Furthermore, I plan to commemorate this milestone with a 10yr tattoo, watch this space….. Cindy Pivacic

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