Beware of leaving your bookings until the last minute.

Let’s get started!

It happens every year and leaves many companies disappointed and scrambling (me too as I try to accommodate everyone) for a World AIDS Day speaker.

Ideas needed? Some combination topics to consider:

  • The HIV and AIDS Pandemic
  • HIV Statistics – SA vs World
  • How HIV is transmitted
  • Living positively with HIV
  • Counselling, Testing & Treatment
  • Managing HIV and AIDS in the workplace

There IS still a huge problem.

Infections Worldwide         THREE every minute

Deaths Worldwide             TWO every minute

Let’s unpack the problem together!



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A – I – D -S 

Action Involves Doing Something!


What are you and your company doing to engage and create awareness on the topic of HIV & AIDS?


 World AIDS Day is a perfect opportunity to THINK and TALK about HIV & AIDS

Let’s spread the message NOT the virus.

The South African Community still has a lot to learn. It is time to take charge and get involved.

Time for Action


Cindy Pivacic for bookings

021 839 4529


Hurry and pick your date from the calendar below 🙂 

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