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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Ryan Anderson from LabourNet and the Senior Commissioner Vusumzi Landu from the CCMA.

Beware of leaving your bookings until the last minute.

Let’s get started!

It happens every year and leaves many companies disappointed and scrambling (me too as I try to accommodate everyone) for a World AIDS Day speaker.

Ideas needed? Some combination topics to consider:

  • The HIV and AIDS Pandemic
  • HIV Statistics – SA vs World
  • How HIV is transmitted
  • Living positively with HIV
  • Counselling, Testing & Treatment
  • Managing HIV and AIDS in the workplace

There IS still a huge problem.

Infections Worldwide         THREE every minute

Deaths Worldwide             TWO every minute

Let’s unpack the problem together!



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A show dedicated to celebrating women from all walks of life who continue making a change in their lives and that of their community.


For the next 13 weeks, CTV (Cape TV channel 263) will engage with the phenomenal woman who will share their inspiring stories that make them the woman they are today. We all know that juggling work and your household can be challenging so here on woman’s talk we will provide some helpful guidelines from various experts that you can you use in your everyday life.



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Need an HIV+ Speaker?

On 31 October, 2014, in Speaking Engagements, The Deadly Seducer, by Cindy Pivacic

Download (PDF, 425KB)

‘Cindy Pivacic is a Trainer, Speaker, Author, Counsellor and Activist on HIV & AIDS.
She is in the unique position to add value, having presented numerous talks and workshops on a range of essential HIV & AIDS issues creating awareness and sharing information.

In 2011 she founded a centre for people living with HIV & AIDS to assist them in skills development and knowledge to empower them to get back into the workforce’.


WORLD AIDS DAY is 1 ½ months away!


What is your Company doing?


My Book ‘The Deadly Seducer’ may be just what you need for hand-outs to staff and clients alike.


Contact me to discuss Speaking/Training options.


Please share…’s to the benefit of all, as we are all infected OR affected somehow or another!



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