Take Action – What can I do?

  • Family Learning Projects/Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • HBC  (Home Based Care)
  • Counselling Course
  • Cooking & Sewing Skills
  • Sales – Lit’The Fight Against HIV/AIDS; Nutrition; Health Supplements
  • Facilitate Support Groups
  • Monthly Health & Wellness refresher/update – Management
  • Monthly on-site/branch Health & Wellness Awareness
  • Transport/Lift Club for Support Group attendees
  • HIV Policy and Company Statement
  • Awareness posters/flyers and access to external support
  • Off-site counselling and information
  • Alternative option for Health/Wellness/Medication access


  • Educate and empower
  • Lead by example
  • Provide positive values
  • Healthy habits
  • Choose ONE Project

Result: Real Life Power

Contact Cindy for more information on how you can possibly support this initiative.

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