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I find it intriguing and somewhat overwhelming that so many people are eager (admirable I might add) to support a cause. On one site over 6,290 people ‘like’ the page of a beautiful animal but when it come to the human race, that’s us; you, me, your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin and the list goes on, are not nearly as important a cause to support.

Is it FEAR, ignorance or just plain……………’s them not me?

What has happened to your compassion for the human race, pray tell, I would love to hear.

I can guarantee you, you may not know it but someone you know IS living with the HI virus but because they are fearful of rejection they choose not to share their status with you.

Eventually they find themselves in poor health with nobody to turn to and guess what? They seek out others like themselves and hope for the best! OR they also become…….EXTINCT.

Not everyone has ’brought it upon themselves’ as some will warrant their lack of support by saying.

My question to you is; what’s hidden in your closet? (before you judge, think!!) We all have something we don’t want let out of the bag. Yours is just different to mine and theirs 😉

There are organizations out there like AID My Journey-Support that are trying to be a sustaining force  and empower individuals during this unplanned phase of their lives, don’t think it will not affect you, it will in the long run.

I hope those of you that are so benevolent and concerned enough will think about your fellow men/women that also need your enormously generous goodwill.

What are you going to do?

If anyone would like more information I have some projects that I wish to get up and running which will assist in people being able to have skills to generate an ongoing income for themselves and their families.

Project 1:        Computer Skills Initiative

Project 2:        Training Support Group Facilitator Course

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May you share the care!

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