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On 17 October, 2015, in HIV & AIDS FAQ, The Deadly Seducer, by Cindy Pivacic



1.         Q. Who should get tested?


  1. If you are sexually active or thinking of becoming sexually active then you should get tested.


13.       Q. Are there different tests available?


  1. There are different tests, namely the Rapid Test which is done on site (results in 15 minutes) and the Elisa Test where your blood is drawn by a sister and sent to a laboratory for testing/confirmation.


19.       Q. I am 43, have been married twice, and have had five or six sexual partners. Should I get tested?


  1. Everyone should get tested! Without a test you DO NOT know your status.


22.       Q. Does it matter if both partners have HIV and don’t practice safe sex? 


  1. Yes. The viral load (amount of HIV) in a person’s blood can be increased by having sex with an infected partner, which means damage to the immune system is speeded up. Also, it is possible for a person with HIV to become re-infected with a different strain of HIV. 

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