I often get asked ‘how do you ask someone to wear a condom’. You just do! If you have got to a point in your relationship and taken the next step to have intercourse, which is a very intimate issue in itself, how can you NOT ask your partner to go with you as a couple for pre-counselling and a test or condomise.

If he (from here on out I am talking from a woman’s point of view) says he doesn’t like wearing a condom, he is selfish, stupid or inconsiderate. You have an alternative option; get the female condom and if you are concerned it will ruin the moment, make it work. I ask you would you rather be infected with this virus…..it’s permanent, not like your average cold, two weeks of antibiotics and hoo-ha, its over. Its there for life, once you have it, you have it, best you make it your friend then!

I have a friend (you will know who you are) whose ex from a year or so back, came to him for some business advice. He looked rather sheepish and I inquired as bluntly as always ‘did you sleep with her?’ the answer of course was ‘Yes’.

Now, you need to know, he is completely aware of my status and we have had lengthy discussions on the HIV/AIDS subject.

I subsequently wanted to know if he had used a condom to which the response was negative, when asked where his condoms were, was told in the drawer next to his bed.
I asked why he didn’t use one and the response was ‘I don’t like them’. Sorry, NOT good enough!

My question to this is:
• Do you like the virus more?
• What part of permanent does a person not understand?
• Am I wasting my time creating/educating awareness?
• Do you even understand what you are leaving yourself open too?
• Do you want any of the following acquired diseases?

a) Pneumonia
b) TB (Meningitis)
c) 2 x Strokes
d) Shingles
e) Cancer – Angioimmunoblasticlymphadenopathy

Yes I have had all of the above but do YOU want them?

If not apply the ABC Rule:

A Abstain
B Be faithful (get tested partner/self you can’t get IT if you are in a single/faithful relationship)
C Condomise!

Do it for you, test, always with pre-counselling. Stop the spreading of this disease.

After all that, have a wonderful day ?

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