Without a doubt it is time to create awareness around the wellness of South Africa as we should all take responsibility for our communities.


This time of the year I generally make contact with various forms of media with the hope that they will get involved creating mega hype around the 1st December thereby getting the message of prevention/awareness etc. to the masses.


World AIDS Day is looming and getting the ball rolling early is paramount to success, should you be interested in collaborating, get busy……


I have attached my Media/Info Kit which has a number of links to sites that will provide further insight into what I am about as well as a Synopsis of my book ‘The Deadly Seducer’.


If you are open to this and require any further information, please feel free to contact me.


021 839 4529

073 73 96 044

Download (PDF, 608KB)

Download (PDF, 280KB)

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