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On 26 November, 2015, in Health and Wellness, The Deadly Seducer, World AIDS Day, by Cindy Pivacic


‘AIDS Season’: The term I use for this time of the year.

What……is wrong with the rest of the year? Have people become complacent?


Is nobody at risk of HIV infection during the period of 11 months prior to WAD as I only receive an influx of enquiries and all for the same date, 1st Dec?


I am quite sure that Wellness Days are implemented throughout the year, if they aren’t, they should be, as communities need reminding. People believe ‘IT’ doesn’t affect them and turn a blind eye to the possibilities and in many cases engage in risky behaviour. (Not just SEX but alcohol and drug abuse amongst some of the issues that cause risky behaviour leading to HIV infection as well as STI’s)


I do appreciate the attention #HIV & #AIDS receives around this time of the year but to think that ‘IT’ has been taken care of until the next year is like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand, pretty useless!


If the pandemic is given the attention it deserves we would not have the HIGH number of infections that are happening in #SouthAfrica 400 and 350 THOUSAND respectively in 2012 and 2014. (Those that tested and know their status). #just saying


On that note:


I am pleased to say that I have a week-long diary filled with speaking engagements, a total of TEN Speaking engagements and an order for 40 of my books titled ‘The Deadly Seducer’.


Even though all the NPO/SARS documentation is delayed, I am going ahead with two engagements where the remuneration will be delayed due to this minor issue.


And to TOP the run up to the end of 2015 I will be hosting an ongoing Public Chat on Viber (check also on FB) when the South African forum is officially launched.


Get ready to follow the conversations which will include various guests and HIV involved celebrities that are willing to chat and contribute.


If you have input of value that is related in any form to HIV & AIDS feel free to contact me and get your name on the ‘hit’ list ASAP!



Wishing you all an informative




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