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On 22 January, 2011, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

I have always joked about writing a book as I have lived in some of the most entertaining environments, known the strangest of people and their antics little realising that I would actually get around to writing a book and not on the subject I had always joked about.

I loathe autobiographies but this is pretty much what this is with a twist, gotcha. So here is the plan, in order to dispel any future rumours, scandal, gossip, misconceptions, speculation, badmouthing, fear, preconceived ideas and last but not least stigma. I don’t think I have left anything out but feel free to add your own colourful words. I will gradually let you into the loop of the body of my book.

Without giving away the entire story I will give brief ongoing snippets and ask for your input should you be willing.

Life consists of basically three things: Relationships, Money and Health. I have had, shall I call it the trauma of all three and would like to hear what your thoughts on these issues are.


Walk positively, head up shoulders back, face it head on

It is all about you – if you can live with yourself, stuff everyone else. I understand fully that HIV/AIDS is a serious, terminal disease, but it is manageable. So try to keep your sense of humour and:

“Deal With It”. It sounds simple, but for some it will not be, that is why I would like to share the more positive side of my experience.

Keep a positive (many such puns to follow, my apologies upfront) attitude and you will find your attitude nurtures gratitude.

I do not want it to be a feel-sorry-for-me memoir, or a biography, a genre of which I am not a fan. I usually pick one up, read the back, say oh hell no and put it right back on the shelf.

So trust me (no I am not a doctor), this is not a motivational or pity-seeking, nauseating, tear-jerking autobiography. This is just telling it how it is and how I had to deal with “IT”.

I have had the most exciting life possible and have no regrets.

Here is how it all happened. I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I have.

to be continued………..

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