AID My Journey

On 14 February, 2011, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

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On numerous occasions, chased out of my own home, walking barefoot for 5km on hot tar to safety, ending up with massive blisters under my feet of which I still have the calluses to prove it. The lesson learned here, always wear shoes! Then, would you believe it, married him and stayed in this disastrous marriage for another four years.

Why, there was to be a payoff amongst other things I believed I could transform him but believe me an abuser remains an abuser and will never change unless there is a serious intervention coupled with counselling. Roddy had numerous doctors’ prescribing medication for his moods but never went for counselling. One incident I will share is the time he was watching television in my home when my then seven-year-old son was playing with a rifle type water pistol, squirted Roddy who pulled the gun out of my child’s hands and hit him with it. I was on him like a lion whose cub is in danger and beaten yet again for defending my innocent child.

My first husband and a friend at one point during this undesirable situation arrived on my doorstep, armed and ready to chase him away, fortunately for them all he had already left and the situation was defused.

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