AID My Journey ……2

On 30 January, 2011, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

Snippet 2
I went directly to the GP in charge of Blaine, had her immediate superior called up as well as the offending Poison Dwarf, who to this day has only been moved elsewhere as far as I know but where to I have not bothered to find out. At the time however there was a local man that I knew from Pinetown who approached me with the information that in her drunken state and she and her boyfriend are known heavy drinkers, seen by myself on numerous occasions as we frequented the same after hour venues, was telling whoever would listen what mine and *Blaine’s status was. A person who I will call *Doug offered to make an affidavit with details of her disclosure in order for me to pursue. Six years later and numerous polite requests, I am still waiting for *Doug to hold good his promise, even though I managed to deny and convince all and sundry that Blaine only had bowel TB due to contracting the disease through the type of work he did, plumbing, I am not sure that I convinced that many people about him. I do think however that I managed to fool a number of people about myself, although they will on release of this book, say “I knew it all along”, yeah right.

*Real names not used* to be continued……..

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