Own Your Challenges!

On 11 February, 2019, in Health and Wellness, Training, by Cindy Pivacic

Plodding along in the hope that everything will turn out just fine, is not an option.

If you are faced with challenges, whether physical or emotional, will affect your mental state and jeopardise your ability to function normally.

Facing your challenges or fears is the only way to make practical choices in order to change your circumstances. The question is; how do you do that?

Not everyone has a personality type to cope with challenges on their own so acquiring the valuable and experienced counselling/guidance is paramount to get you through tough times.

If you have been through a traumatic event or face issues at work, or even in  your personal life, the best way to approach it is head-on and as soon as humanly possible.

Over and above my health issues, many years ago I was on holiday and my then husband had my 18 month son in a backpack carrier and decided to get a view of a mountain from a closer viewpoint. He stood up on a low wall overlooking a sheer drop. I freaked, lost the plot and screeched for him to get off the wall. Prior to that I had no issue with heights, little realising how that one incident would affect me for over thirty years.

Once I decided to own and face my fear of heights, I firstly went on a 1,5km Zipline Tour in Ballito, KZN. After a leisurely nature walk to the top of the cliff I was introduced to the “1st in the world” – all new “Parazip” proceeding to slide on a 400m cable from the top of the mountain.  That was around 2014.

I then decided, in 2018 that zip-lining was for sissies, so on World AIDS Day, I proceeded to tandem paraglide off Signal Hill. What a blast and I can honestly say I would do it again.

My life, my choices!

Don’t be ashamed of what you’ve been through or what you’re dealing with.

What are your challenges and what are you doing to defeat them?

There are ways to overcome each and every obstacle; you just need the right tools!

About Cindy: In 2004, Cindy was diagnosed with HIV & AIDS. By 2008 she was subjected to Cancer (stage 3b) and TB Meningitis. Cindy had two Strokes and Shingles, four times in one year. And a hefty bout of Pneumonia… all that in a space of four years. In March 2018 Cindy had a massive heart attack leading to a double bypass.

Sharing a Healthy Lifestyle – Write Now

On 30 March, 2015, in Health and Wellness, Media, Press, by Cindy Pivacic

typewriter 4


Once upon a while ago………….



As an HIV positive individual I had to look at ways to enhance my well-being.



Writing is an outlet to document my thoughts and share with those needing reassurance.



By authoring a book with the title, The Deadly Seducer I managed to incorporate a positive attitude, healthy foods and the experience of dealing with the effects of AIDS that I acquired, namely TB meningitis, pneumonia, shingles, two strokes and Cancer (Angioimmunoblasticlymphadenopathy) which has given me insight into constructive ways to counsel, mentor and live a healthy lifestyle through educating myself and followed up by sharing the same values with others.



Having lived through the numerous health challenges puts me in a fairly unique position to add value to any educational information provided.



I have since written various articles which have been posted to a number of health and education websites, local magazines and a range of newspapers



Later I developed a training manual on some of the latest trends on HIV and being an avid social media participant have posted educational information on a regular basis.



I would like to deliver ongoing education through the media on a weekly/monthly basis as this will encourage conversations around health and wellness as well as the ongoing HIV situation in South Africa.



I see this as an exercise to generate an income for the Non-Profit Organisation I founded as the sponsorship and fundraising is non-existent and there are individuals who are unable to afford counselling and healthy lifestyle guidelines.


Contact me if this is of interest to you and falls in line with your newspaper, magazine or online presence.