BEYOND ridiculous!! SARS Sucks

On 28 January, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Cindy Pivacic

After I received an email stating that my NPO Registration has been rejected by SARS for the 2nd time, SIX visits and around FIFTEEN phone-calls I eventually discover ANOTHER HUMAN error!

The first, was them incorrectly loading my NPO number and then having the audacity to be rude and condescending when I told them so, telling me I am wrong and there was no human error, the person loaded correctly, Sybil said!!

BS, I get home and try to log on, NADA, not correct….I was right, go back to the freaking queue and it gets fixed without an apology.

YAY…I come home and guess what, registration rejected AGAIN!!

I’m on it, efiling phone-call…….AHA, the morons, after I had to go to FNB on my FIRST visit and have a bank statement printed to prove I have an account,only to find after the complaint I lodged today, was rejected yet AGAIN. They STILL have my (old 2011) ABSA account on record!!!!

All that parking, out of pocket around R200….who will cover the costs, ME of course. Early to their offices and there for hours, productivity lost, EISH!


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