On 18 July, 2015, in HIV & AIDS FAQ, by Cindy Pivacic


When last did you have an HIV test? #justasking

If you are having unprotected sex, you should get tested!

#SouthAfrica had:

400,000 new infections in 2012

350, 000 new infections in 2014

‘THINK’……those are the ones that tested and we know about.

And NO I don’t care if you are married or in ‘sure thing’ relationship, check anyway….I always ask the question if I get the married/engaged/relationship comment:

‘So you know what your other half is doing at lunchtime and you are together 24 hours a day’?

It may seem harsh or sound like a scare tactic and I am sorry to tell you this but EVERYONE has the potential to become infected.



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