This is the start of my new journey

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  1. Gerda Harrison says:

    Cindy, this is a very heart-warming story, and I cannot credit you enough for going out and making your life public. Not only that, but you are willing to ‘aid’ those in the same boat, who are perhaps too embarrassed of having to expose their status for fear of being victimised or rejected.
    What was your reaction when you became aware of your status? I’m sure you were mortified.
    You did tell me you are on ARV’s, but how long does it take to start the medication, and do any tests have to be done beforehand, or does everyone get the same treatment? Excuse my ignorance, I’m not very familiar with the treatment.
    Good luck, I wish you all the success with your endeavours.
    Gerda Harrison.

    • Cindy Pivacic says:

      Hi Gerda
      Thanks for being my very first Blogger and your response is exactly why I decided to do what I am doing by going public.
      Not many would claim to being ignorant as would I have been had this not happend, it is called “ostrich head in the sand syndrome”. There are far more people other than the gay and black community that are HIV+ who are terrified of rejection to admit their status, I quite frankly do not care what people think. The sad thing is I have been counselling HIV+ people, mostly black and they are the ones who think white people, especially white women do not get infected.
      I will probably never hear from the ones that find my situation frightening or embarrassing again,having said that I am overwhelmed at the positive….here go the puns again…..response I have had. The people that can’t cope with this issue will just ignore me flat. It is quite a long story which is documented in my book with regards to me finding out about my status, hence the one heading,Share My Journey.I started the ARV’s in 2008 prior to my chemo treatment as my immune system was down and had to go on iron injections then ARV’s before chemo could be administered. Not everyone goes onto ARV’s or the same “brand” or dosages, depends on the persons immune system and some people are carriers per se
      and can pass the disease on without showing symptoms for years. But mostly your health is monitored by your viral load and CD4 count. Hope that answers some of your questions. Wonderful that you are interestd as it is quite a fascinating subject.
      Many Thanks

  2. Gerda Harrison says:

    Health issues always facinate me. Thanks for your prompt reply! I was quite perturbed to see the time it took before you started the ARV’s! What was it, 4 yrs? What was happening in the meantime? Were you showing signs of immune dysfunction, physically? Or were you feeling alright at the time? After the treatment started, did you feel any change? It is tragic that you were still dealing with your carcinoma at the same time, you poor thing! This is a subject I will have in private with you sometime. Very fascinating!

    Another question about your public speaking….. are you prepared to visit any place in S.A. to do that? Obviously, the costs will be met by the Invitee.

    Cannot wait to read your book. Keep writing, Cindy.


    • admin says:

      Hi Gerda, Sorry for delay had some bugs in the system, think the internet was overwhelmed with so much information. I had no need to go onto
      ARV’s initially as my CD4 count was reasonable, however knowing what I know now,would have started earlier to avoid some of the associated diseases one of which is angioimmunoblasticlymphadenopathy (non-hodgkins lymphoma).As far as the public speaking is concerned I will travel anywhere and am in fact getting my passport renewed as I have big plans and dreams.

  3. Gerda Harrison says:

    Good luck, you star!

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