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Unexpected Affirmation – Gratitude

Receiving affirmation makes the journey so much more meaningful.


I had a lovely note come via my LinkedIn message box recently and with permission I share the following which I appreciate Mmabatho taking the time out of her day to write to me.



Mmabatho Mfikwe – Chief Director at Public Works, Roads & Transport

‘I am dropping you a note to say I find your articles highly informative, candid and a must read for everyone. Just read the Deadly Seducer article….


As a Corporate Services manager, I deal with a variety of healthy lifestyle articles and I have to reflect on HIV AIDS amongst the topics one must research on, reflect and share information on at each Executive meeting.


I have referred our Departmental management team to your link and requested them to read up on your articles as well.


Thank you for sharing information’.

Mmabatho Mfikwe





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