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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Toni Zimmermann, a long-term HIV survivor of 29 years, living an energetic and productive life.


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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Patronia Luzipo from Yabonga whose vision is to provide a sustainable model of holistic care and support to families and communities affected by HIV, enabling them to live independent, productive, healthy lives.

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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Dr. Emille Reid who is a specialist physician with an interest in Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine. He also practices general medical-, ICU-, and Cardiac Care Medicine on an in-hospital basis.

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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Ryan Anderson from LabourNet and the Senior Commissioner Vusumzi Landu from the CCMA.

Living Intentionally

On 31 January, 2020, in Health and Wellness, by Cindy Pivacic

Living Intentionally after a Major Setback

How do you do that?

This is a question many people ask as they, themselves, have had difficulty coming back from a major setback, be it a health diagnosis, divorce, an untimely death in their family, job loss, and more.

There is no straight answer as we all deal with trauma differently and we all have a variety of characteristics that add or dim our ability to move forward.

Many people do not have the capacity to go it alone, so here are a few pointers to consider, if you are struggling.

Keep in mind, it is NOT a shame if you are unable to cope on your own!

Firstly, evaluate your situation and decide just when, how, what and why you require support.

Secondly, approach either a professional, mentor or trusted friend/colleague who will ensure that your discussions will be confidential.


Failure: is a part of thriving and moving forward.

Introspection: recognise that you will need time to process what has happened.

Timeout: get away from your immediate situation and do something fun OUTDOORS.

Reflect: Ask a credible mentor to give you sincere feedback on your situation and allow you to vocalise freely, offering support and encouragement on a positive way forward.

Lessons: Learn how you can use this situation to tackle potential future challenges.

Control: Consider what is in your control, if you have been unsuccessful or unproductive, read relevant books, take a course and upskill yourself in some constructive manner.

Serious: It may sound impossible, selfish and uncomfortable but put yourself in situations where you are ‘forced’ to laugh and enjoy yourself. It may be a temporary situation but will clear your mind. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Chance: Take a risk! Be adaptable and take a chance as being too cautious can lead to failure and isolation.

Positivity: A positive outlook is not easy for everyone. It is important to ‘force’ yourself into that space and it will gradually become the norm and is a critical part of moving forward.

Reflect: Reflect, reflect, reflect! Keeping a journal is one way of monitoring your progress and can provide evidence of how you have progressed as well as an archive of previous setbacks and how you dealt with a specific situation.

While setbacks can discourage you, this is also an occasion to review your current dilemma from a unique perspective, through your own, and your mentors’ eyes.

Create your own power to focus and adapt.


GET YOUR Balance & Bounce BACK!



More than my Status

On 9 March, 2016, in Health and Wellness, Speaking Engagements, Training, by Cindy Pivacic

Balance & Bounce

Being more than my HIV status and having had to deal with numerous lifestyle changes, health issues and experiences has taken this page to another level.

The fact that I have researched and adapted my lifestyle, diet and many other facets of life, has given life to the alternative services I offer.


Services & Experience:


Trauma & Lay Counsellor covering a spectrum of in-house issues relating to employee well-being.


* Healthy Eating (the why’s of obesity which leads to high BP and heart disease)

* Employee dynamics

* Bullying

* Rape and Abuse

* Alcohol abuse

* Relationships

* HIV Counselling


Furthermore, I Train and Speak on Counselling, ‘CHOICES’ and ‘HIV & AIDS in the Workplace’.




Book title: ‘Error Terror & Triumph’ Subtitle: Learn before you Leap


This talk is targeted on the youth but not exclusively as it is valuable to one and all and particularly beneficial when entering adult life and the working world, enlightening individuals of potential pitfalls, panics and pleasures that could occur and how to avoid or embrace the lesson.


Each chapter of the 26 lessons starts with a letter of the alphabet i.e. ‘A’ – Action, followed up with a factual experience.


Ending with a maximum of 140 characters which is easily shared on Twitter of the #LifeLesson I learnt from this experience.


  1. HIV & AIDS Training & Awareness


Book title: ‘The Deadly Seducer‘


An account of my story about how I came to contract HIV & AIDS and how I responded to it.


Not only am I living healthy years later, but my energetic character has been poured into helping others experiencing the same situation.


I present talks and workshops on living positively with HIV & AIDS and those, with this book and my online presence, provides me the opportunity to create awareness, give testimony concerning the HIV & AIDS pandemic, and to assist in de-stigmatising this secret killer’.


Balance & Bounce

Through the Circle of Life


Downloadable Info Kit Below:

Download (PDF, 507KB)

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SOUTH AFRICA, we are doing something wrong!

On 23 January, 2015, in Health and Wellness, Training, by Cindy Pivacic

Planning a Wellness Day?


Require HIV Training/Awareness for staff?

You may like to consider the following:


Over 400 000 new HIV infections occurring in 2012, South Africa ranks first in HIV incidence in the world.


The proportion of South Africans infected with HIV has increased from 10.6% in 2008 to 12.2% in 2012.


The total number of infected South Africans now stands at 6.4-million; 1.2-million more than in 2008. (Those that have tested and we know of).


1000 – New infections daily.


Take responsibility and do your bit for the future of South Africa

Contact me:


Download (PDF, 218KB)

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The objective in recently founding AID My Journey-Support is to play a major role in the transformation of how HIV and AIDS is managed, providing valuable structured programmes on  HIV and AIDS and programmes used to enhance employers and employees:

“Educate and empower people by providing local life skills programmes that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education – resulting in real life power.”

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at this page.

If your company is not in the position to support our cause and initiative as an NPO please feel free to forward this link, many thanks.