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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Toni Zimmermann, a long-term HIV survivor of 29 years, living an energetic and productive life.


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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Patronia Luzipo from Yabonga whose vision is to provide a sustainable model of holistic care and support to families and communities affected by HIV, enabling them to live independent, productive, healthy lives.

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On 26 February, 2020, in HIV: Balance & Bounce, by Cindy Pivacic

There are many facets to wellness around HIV and AIDS. Here I speak with Dr. Emille Reid who is a specialist physician with an interest in Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine. He also practices general medical-, ICU-, and Cardiac Care Medicine on an in-hospital basis.


This is quite a sensitive topic and I have heard so many people over the last few months, either asking me or someone else this question, that I feel an urgent need to address it.


Yes, we have all done it but it is now becoming what people expect as the norm, and as entrepreneurs, their right to other entrepreneurs knowledge and experience, without compensation for their expertise.


I think us, as entrepreneurs that have put ourselves in the public domain as an authority on our topic/s have heard this more times than we can remember.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the recognition and find it flattering that someone thinks my knowledge is of a high enough standard that they would like to get some instruction from me.

Over the last eight years or so, I have probably been asked for a coffee/brain pick close to a hundred times. Some I have had time to see and been happy to guide, others have just been blatant entitlement demands.

However, my life has got to a point where it is no longer an option. As I have got busier, and considering I work alone as an entrepreneur, impossible to fork out time, willy-nilly. I do not, like many entrepreneurs, have a backup partner to pay the bills.

I do on occasion collaborate with a business associate, and then it is a mutually beneficial project that is a fee-based arrangement.

Here are a few ways to politely say ‘NO’. Keep in mind that ‘NO’ is an entire sentence as well, but let’s be nice.

Ask them what it is exactly that they require and then refer them to a relevant source or if it is the service or product you offer, direct them to that information on your website etc.

Let them understand:

‘My workload is currently full as the services I offer are exactly what you are requesting and I consult for an hourly fee if you would like to book a time at a later date’. (I used this one recently and was shocked that it worked)


‘My workload is full, so making a coffee date is not practical these days. Are you interested in becoming a client or do you just have a quick question?’


‘I’m not available for lunch but you should consider getting onto the _______ (course etc.) It’s comprehensive, and created to assist people in your exact position.’


‘I don’t have time to grab coffee unless it is an official business meeting. And my hourly consultation fee, if you are interested, is _____.’


(Jokingly) Ask: When last did you walk into a store and scoop up an armful of clothing and walk out without paying….. (Wait for the ‘never’ response) Right….my hourly consultation fee is____.’


When asked if I could mentor them:

‘I do pro bono work and my quota is currently full’. Most people are not even aware of the volunteer work I do, and may, therefore, assume that as an entrepreneur, I have more free time than a regular 9-5 worker. In some instances you may feel the need to mention those, I don’t!  I also facilitate soft skills courses for other companies, hardly anyone is aware of that.

If someone wants to pick your brain, ask them to pick a time and method of payment. If you want people to value your time, put a value on it!

I do appreciate you asking to feed my coffee addiction but unfortunately, I am unable to make it a social meeting unless it is a weekend and you are my friend.

FYI: If we do get to that business coffee meeting (for a consultation fee) the coffee is still on you, unless of course, you sign up as a client. 😉


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Presenting on….’Own Your Challenges’

On 18 February, 2019, in Health and Wellness, Training, by Cindy Pivacic

Lifestyle Skills Management which include:

Own Your Challenges’

There are potentially numerous issues that could create setbacks in a person’s personal life which can also carry over to their work life.

It can be detrimental to their well-being, if not addressed.

By addressing a setback and collaborating with management and employees, a positive change can be made, which will lead to behavioural change, and safeguard against loss of revenue and absenteeism.

                >Becoming resilient.
                >How to motivate themselves.
                >When and why to terminate a troublesome project.
                >Explore alternative options of accountability.
                >How to cope with failing.

            Take back your Balance & Bounce!

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. – Arnold Glasgow-

Cindy’s Video BusCard

On 11 February, 2016, in Events, Health and Wellness, Speaking Engagements, Training, by Cindy Pivacic

Great to meet you!

Powder Power

Let’s set up a time to discuss ways to enlighten your staff and ensure their well-being and ultimately retain a smooth working environment.

Check out the video link below and feel free to: SHARE 🙂 

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Valued Testimonials from Valued Associates

On 31 March, 2015, in Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

testimonial tuesday


Linkedin Testimonials:



Shawn Fouche

On-line and Social Media Practitioner


Cindy is one of the most dynamic, upbeat and a person who embraces life to the full. She has a story that needs to be heard and her work and activism in the area of HIV and AIDS is remarkable. You are missing out on an incredible motivational opportunity and also to help others living with HIV and AIDS if you do not get Cindy in to speak at your organisation.


Alma Maxwell

Social Media Setup | Strategy | Management | Training | Speaking


I was fortunate enough to arrange for Cindy to be a speaker at my Rotary Club of Durban North. Cindy is vibrant, charming and candid and her talk fascinating. Her personal and personable talk on a serious subject was anything but depressing. Cindy is an inspiration and I recommend her to anyone looking for an engaging and interesting speaker. I also wish her all of the best with her book ‘The Deadly Seducer‘ which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


Robyn Norman

Office Administrator


Cindy is passionate about her cause and will go to the ends of the earth to help the next person. Cindy is always there for you, no matter how small your issue is. She is amazingly resilient with her endless energy with assisting others. Her talks are to the point and informative. She is professional and reliable with all aspects of her work.


Fred Felton

Social Media Engineer, Falconscove, Partner at Social By The Sea


I was privileged to hear Cindy speak at a networking meeting. Cindy is indeed an inspiring speaker. She is also a fantastic motivational speaker and trainer. I would recommend her for any company; organisation or networking meeting that is looking to book a motivational speaker.

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