Networking forum for Service Providers and Company Executives dealing with Health and Wellness.

 Please feel free to share if this is not relevant to you, thank-you.


World AIDS Day is on the 1st December each year.

Let us admire the persons living with the virus and celebrate their wellbeing.           

Join us in support this month!   

 Mission and Vision

The objective in founding Balance & Bounce – ‘Through the Circles of Life’

Is to play a major role in the implementation by providing valuable access to Companies with Service  Providers in the Health & Wellness industry.

Create health & wellness awareness events throughout the year

Offer sustainable information for the wellbeing of your valued staff members and their families by putting their Balance & Bounce back on track.

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Hi All,

I am giving a talk on the 4th October 2012 and would like to address some of the issues you have experienced around stigma.

If you can give me something in about two hundred (200) words or a very short paragraph, that I can bring this to the attention of the forum I am presenting to.

It is local government, mining, corporates and other institutions that need to hear these ongoing issues.

Secondly, I would also like some feedback from those of you that this concerns, if, how and what AID My Journey-Support may have done to enhance your life; just a brief statement.

I would like your permission to use it so feel free to sign (anon, pseudonym or any other ‘name’ you wish to use, be creative) 😉

I am going to use this as a marketing tool to encourage support and sponsorships from corporates, individuals and other institutions as I need funding to maintain the centre.

Use my email address if you wish:

Spring has arrived and I wish you a fantastic final quarter for 2012.

AID My Journey-Support is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 093-243) with offices based in Pinetown but not limited to region.

A proposal indicating the NPO’s initiatives and project plans of the organisation is available on request. I trust that you will consider this proposal as part of your CSI (Corporate Social Investment) Programme in support and empowerment of our community.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a Speaker and IEC (Information-Education-Communication) Facilitator on HIV & AIDS. Quotations are available on request.

If you have Health & Wellness Days planned and need my services, kindly contact me.

WORLD AIDS DAY 1st DECEMBER falls on a Saturday. If you are planning an event for this day, please keep this in mind.

This year the talk topic is:

a) ‘Take Responsibility’ which covers not only responsibility for yourself but in the workplace and the community.

b) What you as a company or individual can do to assist in making changes.

c) Talk content negotiable.

Please feel free to share/forward to the relevant person as well as with other companies that you may feel will consider supporting this initiative.

Take Action – What can I do?

  • Family Learning Projects/Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • HBC  (Home Based Care)
  • Counselling Course
  • Cooking & Sewing Skills
  • Sales – Lit’The Fight Against HIV/AIDS; Nutrition; Health Supplements
  • Facilitate Support Groups
  • Monthly Health & Wellness refresher/update – Management
  • Monthly on-site/branch Health & Wellness Awareness
  • Transport/Lift Club for Support Group attendees
  • HIV Policy and Company Statement
  • Awareness posters/flyers and access to external support
  • Off-site counselling and information
  • Alternative option for Health/Wellness/Medication access


  • Educate and empower
  • Lead by example
  • Provide positive values
  • Healthy habits
  • Choose ONE Project

Result: Real Life Power

Contact Cindy for more information on how you can possibly support this initiative.

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Join Cindy at Ekhaya Guest House on the 24th April 2012 @12h00 - 14h00In order to maintain the ongoing success of AID My Journey-Support and create awareness in the community this forum is designed to enlighten you around the HIV and AIDS issues in your community.

Open Day to recruit volunteer students

A wonderful opportunity to engage with the students and staff  from Varsity College Durban North to recruit volunteers and present AID My Journey-Support to the lecturers and Headmistress.

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