Woman's day invitation NOCCI


Coming to visit the Kimberlites. Please join this event, will be great to catch

 up and share information and awareness.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase Cindy’s book

The Deadly Seducer – Cindy will be on hand to sign purchased copies

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Women's Welness Breakfast Invite 1st August 2013


Women’s Breakfast_Service Provider Proposal


Invitation_Women’s Wellness Breakfast


Click on above link to see full invite please.

Looking forward to meeting with you at this event.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase Cindy’s book

The Deadly Seducer – Cindy will be on hand to sign purchased copies

Limited Health & Wellness exhibit tables to display products

email us for proposal pricing.




Events July & Aug 2013 HIV & AIDS

On 1 July, 2013, in Events, Speaking Engagements, by Cindy Pivacic

One can never have too many events to create awareness around HIV & AIDS and if you think you know everything on the subject, have I got news for you….I have been living with the virus for almost 9 years and barely a week goes by that I do not learn something new.


The only way to get knowledge is to discuss the HI virus with someone in the know. Don’t assume anything and never believe everything you hear….ask!!


I have a few events coming up in Durban and Kimberley and you are more than welcome to wind your way there, for a small fee of course as I founded an organisation which assist in skills development for individuals living with the virus in order for them to generate an income so please feel free to find out more whilst supporting your communities wellbeing.


Remember the virus does not discriminate!!


OK, now that I have your attention, here are the events scheduled to date for July and August respectively:


AUGUST is Women’s Month – Join in the fun and celebration!

Book early to avoid being left OUT!!


4th July 2013 I will be addressing ‘Women of Strength’ in Amanzimtoti.


27th July 2013 is the Gold Cup Charity Fundraiser – Join us in the marquee. Get tickets from me.


1st August 2013, we will be hosting a Women’s Wellness Workshop. Three wellness issues to be addressed as well as exhibit tables so if you are interested, ask for the proposal.


6th August 2013 at Hillcrest Private Hospital. An engagement to present to staff and patients.


8th August 2013 will find me in Kimberley to present to NOCCI (Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce) a presentation for their Women’s Day.


9th August 2013 back in Durban, an event for young school ladies called ‘Winning in the Workplace’


The Deadly Seducer

On 10 May, 2013, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

Back and Front Cover Final 640


A bold and honest account, Cindy Pivacic shares her story about how she came to contract HIV & AIDS and how she responded to it. Not only is she living healthy years later, but her vibrant and energetic character has been poured into helping others who are experiencing the same situation.

Cindy presents talks and workshops on living positively with HIV & AIDS and those, with this book and her online presence, gives her the opportunity to create awareness, give testimony concerning the HIV & AIDS issue, and to assist in de-stigmatising this secret killer.


Account Name Cindy Pivacic – AID My Journey
Account Type Flexi Account (Book Account)
Account Number 925 85 006 77
Branch Code 632005 (Pinetown)

Price R150.00 + R30.00 postage & packaging (R180.00) South Africa

Delivery 4/5 days

Courier Service counter to counter additional R 75.00 = R225.00 (SA) next day
Door to door additional R130.00 = R280.00 (SA) next day

Your name as reference
Email proof of payment
Your delivery address to:


Thank you.


A Hale and Hearty Greeting,


How do you feel? Great!!!


I am quite sure you think you don’t know anyone who is HIV Positive…Wrong!


Continue reading if you have a concern for your fellow human.


Your neighbour, best friend, aunt, brother, cousin, colleague, parent and even YOUR partner may be HIV+, true story. The fact of the matter is you do know someone, they just may not have disclosed their status as yet because of the prejudice surrounding the virus.


You think it may not affect you but it does and it will. Isn’t it nice to know that someone out there living with the virus, that will be me, put their fear in their pocket and went public so that others may benefit with the knowledge and talks presented, sometimes for a fee but mostly not and that includes individual counselling and presentations to corporates who have access to do so.


I am not pointing fingers as most of these individuals do not have the funds to cover a consultation and I can’t allow them to go back into the world misinformed or uneducated either living positively or negatively without pre or post counselling.


‘Black and gay people have AIDS’ REALLY!!! I hear this still, how sad Mr & Mrs X. The HI virus is widespread throughout the human race. HIV does not discriminate. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich, Poor, middle-class, White, Black, Indian, coloured and the rest of humanity, the virus doesn’t care. I didn’t go out purposely to get infected, trust me! Nor did most people, it happens, Deal With It’.


Take heed, it could be someone close to you next if the message is not continued out there, with a 1000 new infections daily, it’s a possibility/probability. Prevention can only be achieved with the support of the community and nation at large.


Show some empathy and assist in maintaining the counselling centre as the projects that are in progress are paramount to the wellbeing and survival of many people.


The time has come for the lease to be renewed at the counselling centre and I am deliberating as to whether to sign for another 12 months or not.


The centre has been sustained purely out of my own pocket and that of my family and close friends….no more!


Harsh, yes, that’s me……I hope that you have got the message loud and clear as it is not something you want or wish on anyone.


Lastly, feel free to share what you comfortably are able to. Consider contributing to the organisation as it will be most appreciated by many.


By way of contributing, please find attached Debit Order Form (R50 – R100 or much much, more) 😉 and banking details should you wish to make an EFT contribution.


Many thanks, yours in sharing.






Cell: 073 73 96 044

Fax: 086 56 46 935

P.O. Box 763



NPO 093-243


Email:                                    cindy@cindypivacic.co.za

Website:                               www.cindypivacic.co.za

Facebook Bus Page:        http://www.facebook.com/CindyPivacicSpeakerHIVAIDS

Skype:                                    cindy.pivacic

Twitter:                                 @cindypivacic


SSETA Accredited HIV Skills Training (US 13915) –  IEC Facilitator – Speaker – Counselling – Trauma Debriefing – HIV Activist – HIV Skills Project Management – Workshop Facilitation

If you do not wish to receive information, updates, request and invites from us please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line, thank you.


FNB – Westville

Account Name                     AID My Journey Support

Account Type                       Cheque Account – (non-profit)

Account Number                 6233 080 2712

Universal Br Code               250655



Account Name                     AID My Journey-Support

Account Type                       Savings – (non-profit)

Account Number                 9266 809 550

Branch Code                        632005 (Pinetown)



Support our Skills Initiative Projects sms the word ‘THINK’ to 38665 to donate R10.00

A mere R10.00 could help a rape, transfusion or unintentional condom mishap to receive support – not all incidents is self inflicted

Statement of Confidentiality & Non-disclosure


This document contains propriety and confidential information. All data submitted is provided in reliance upon its consent not to use or disclose any information contained herein except in the context of its business dealings with AID My Journey-Support. The recipient of this document agrees to inform present and any future employees who view or have access to its contents of its confidential nature.


The recipient agrees to instruct each employee not to disclose any information concerning this document to others except to the extent those matters are generally known to, and is available for use by, the public. The recipient also agrees not to duplicate, distribute, or permit others to duplicate or distribute any material contained herein without AID My Journey-Support’s express written consent.


AID My Journey-Support retains all title, ownership and intellectual property rights to the material and trademarks contained herein, including supporting documentation, files, marketing material and multimedia.



2 Years today – Thanks to All

On 22 January, 2013, in Health and Wellness, Uncategorized, by Cindy Pivacic
I went public with my HIV+ status exactly 2 years ago today…… looked away, pressed that button and launched myself into the world of cyber 🙂
Ironically I hit 200 followers on this page yesterday!!
My website http://cindypivacic.co….za/ has 370 followers and the site has had a total of 9,781 hits. Many thanks to all my supporters, you know who you are.
An extra special thanks to the following people and companies who have really gone the extra mile.
Charlotte Kemp
Shawn Fouche
William Vincent
Colleen Bruce
Zowrae Muller
Robyn Norman
To my family who have been my biggest ‘fans’, thank you!
Lindsay Heydenrych (Mom)
Danya Botha (daughter)
Shane Botha (Son)
Clive Heydenrych and Elsa Mann (Brother)
Keith and Piera Heydenrych (Brother)
Colin and Lolo Heydenrych (Brother)
Those are just some of the remarkable people who have been EXTRA supportive.
I look forward to a special year in 2013 as all the ground work has been carefully and busily laid. To all you others that have been my local, distant and foreign support, I salute you!

"HIVentureHIVenture – Tour de Life


A Road trip is planned!! Take Responsibility – Take Action


Support this HIV & AIDS Awareness Initiative – What can you do?

  • Companies and individuals lend your name to creating awareness!


  • Scheduled date TBC


  • We invite companies that are interested in the health and well-being of South Africa to join the venture that is already in motion.


  • Maximum media exposure.


  • By lending your name to a serious concern in South Africa you are invited to join forces with HIVenture – Tour de Life.


  • The organization will create awareness which will in turn assist in limiting the HIV infection in our nation.


  • By targeting Education and Business institutions the HIV & AIDS message will get to the public.




‘HIVenture-Tour de Life’ aims to spread the word not the virus by promoting change in the lifestyle of South Africans to rapidly decrease the rate of infections.


As an optimistically positive person living with HIV & AIDS since November 2004, (AID My Journey-Support NPO 093-243) I, Cindy Pivacic choose to share my journey and alert others to the hazards of exposure to the virus.


Also along for the ride; will be a Social Media/Events coordinator guru to assist in coordinating the tour and affiliated to AID My Journey-Support, contributing to the message.


“To mobilise and empower the South African business sector as well as the population at large to take effective action on HIV and AIDS”.

Support our Skills Initiative Projects – sms the word ‘THINK’ to 38665 to donate R10.00



Follow the link and ‘like’ the page to stay on track with the journey!


Facebook link      https://www.facebook.com/HIVentureTourdeLife


Email:                    cindy@cindypivacic.co.za


Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.


ribbon circle

 ‘Take Responsibility – Take Action’

Do YOU Support this initiative? – What can YOU do?

Companies and individuals lend your name to creating awareness!


‘HIVenture-Tour de Life’ aims to spread the word not the virus by promoting change in the lifestyle of South Africans to rapidly decrease the rate of infections.


The disease is still spreading with 1000 new infection daily in South Africa.


HIV and AIDS awareness has been neglected in the media over the past months adding to the decline of in-house awareness within the South African workplace.


Access to information for employers and employees is inadequate.


Focus will be on the corporate as well as public sector to increase information and dispel misconceptions by give personal testimony and mentorship.


“To mobilise and empower the South African business sector as well as the population at large to take effective action on HIV and AIDS”.

•Create an understanding of how HIV is transmitted in an attempt to curb the ongoing spread of the disease.


•Educate through experience and personal testimony of living with HIV and AIDS.


•Create awareness on how HIV and AIDS affects us all as a global community, infected or affected.


•Promote the view that those living with HIV and AIDS require understanding and consideration rather than judgment with a stigma attached to it as no one ‘deserves’ this disease.


Having counselled individuals and facilitated support groups living with HIV & AIDS, Cindy realises that more needs to be done to eradicate the stigma still attached to the virus.


This issue is preventing individuals from ‘coming out’ about their status and securing essential treatment and support.

The planned tour route.


Ø Pretoria
Ø Johannesburg
Ø Bloemfontein
Ø Kimberley
Ø Cape Town
Ø George
Ø Port Elizabeth
Ø Umtata
Ø Pietermaritzburg
Ø Durban
Contact me for more details.