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HIV Counselling Online

HIV & AIDS counselling & consulting now available online



Cape Town, South Africa



Online HIV Counselling via Skype is a vital move to allow confidential access to support for both HIV positive individuals as well as their families. It has to be made available as an alternative to physical counselling centers. Counselling is necessary to encourage HIV adherence to medication and lifestyle changes. By providing this medium of confidential support and ease of access to information, adherence and change will be sustained.


The stigma still attached to individuals living with HIV & AIDS means that many people are reluctant to use or be seen near the physical and therefor visible public counselling centers. By providing this service online, the individual has the choice of location they are most comfortable with, as well as an assurance of external anonymity.


Besides the obvious need for information and support for the individual, it is also important for the success and stability of companies, that their workforce receives the help they need. Skype counselling is just one alternative offering equal opportunity to develop.


With AID My Journey-Support’s mantra, #TakeCareBeAware; the aim is not only to offer a service to HIV positive individuals but also those that require general information or have been involved in suspected HIV exposure or risky sexual behaviour and require information and support. AID My Journey has seen many enquiries come through social media over the last four years, and not only from South Africa but from various parts of the world. This has necessitated the next logical step to offer support, namely Skype.


One of the greatest concerns is that people are not testing or receiving the support and are defaulting on their treatment due to the discomfort of having to face their community in a public environment.


AID My Journey-Support aims to mobilise and empower the South African business sector as well as the population at large to take effective action on HIV and AIDS. The nature of the business is to educate, mentor and motivate the South African community to take care of their health and well-being.


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