SA: HIV Women Sterilised

On 2 March, 2020, in Health and Wellness, HIV & AIDS, by Cindy Pivacic

Disgusting! Agreeing with ‘forced’ sterilisation is not an option.

How dare anyone try to coerce or ‘forcibly’ sterilise someone else because they are HIV positive!

Sadly, this is not a ‘new thing’ as I recall back in my KZN days, some ten plus years back, was a huge issue with people being half comatose, and in many cases right after giving birth, coerced and ‘advised’ to get themselves sterilised.

Many of these sterilisations were done without consent. Just because South Africa has the biggest epidemic in the World does not give anyone else the right to decide for you.

People have been treated with very little or no empathy or humanity and have been told that they are annoying the medical staff by having babies, knowing that they are HIV positive.

Women have been told that if they do not have the procedure, they will not be assisted when giving birth.

It is an infringement of basic rights to be pressured and discriminated against because of their HIV status, and even more so, whilst in labour and nervous enough to agree to such barbaric treatment.

Follow these links to read what is currently happening with regards to ‘forced’ and coerced’ sterilisation in South Africa!

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