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Cindy Pivacic is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, HIV Activist and IEC (Information-Education-Communication) Facilitator on HIV & AIDS.

Surviving numerous health challenges Cindy is in the unique position to add value to the training provided, having presented regular talks and training sessions on a range of essential HIV & AIDS issues.

AID My Journey-Support (NPO 093-243) was founded in 2011 having recognised the need for structured support, counselling and awareness around HIV & AIDS nationwide, based in Cape Town for Counselling and administering of projects for individuals living with HIV & AIDS.

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#Hashtag Radio interview 27th October 2014

On 28 October, 2014, in Gallery, Media, by Cindy Pivacic


Hashtag Radio 27th October 2014

A very well thought out and insightful interview with Leandre de Bruyn.

That is where the message needs to start…..the youth.

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WORLD AIDS DAY is 1 ½ months away!


What is your Company doing?


My Book ‘The Deadly Seducer’ may be just what you need for hand-outs to staff and clients alike.


Contact me to discuss Speaking/Training options.


Please share…..it’s to the benefit of all, as we are all infected OR affected somehow or another! http://cindypivacic.co.za/the-deadly-seducer/



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Mention from DA Leader Helen Zille

On 26 August, 2014, in Media, Press, The Deadly Seducer, by Cindy Pivacic


My pending court case gets a mention from DA Leader Helen Zille

We certainly need to Take Responsibility

Talk about HIV

Speak Up


 It’s all around you, acknowledge and let’s…………

Deal With ‘It’

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Synopsis – The Deadly Seducer

On 21 April, 2014, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

‘THE DEADLY SEDUCER’                                                                                by Cindy Pivacic

Deadly Seducer - Front Cover A5 640

It is all about you if you can live with yourself, stuff everyone else! I understand fully that it is a serious, terminal disease but it is manageable, so try to keep your sense of humour and “Deal With It”, sounds simple, but for some it will not be, that is why I would like to share the more positive side of my experience. It is not some, feel-sorry-for-me memoir or a sad biography – I usually pick up a biography, read the back, say “oh hell no” and put it right back on the shelf.


This is just telling it how it is and how I had to deal with “IT”. I have had the most exciting life possible, no regrets. No one is untouchable, although some people I have met have the strangest ideas about “IT”. This can affect anyone, directly or indirectly, and eventually someone else’s situation will affect you.


Forty six year old, Caucasian woman, so much for Gay and Black stereotype, HIV and AIDS is my disease!


A brief look at a ‘normal’ youth spent in Namibia then going to a boarding school as there were no high schools in Oranjemund to my fathers transfer to Kimberley and the teen years of growing up and testing the waters of what teenagers get up to along with their peers. I come from a very healthy well balanced background which goes to show everyone is vulnerable no matter your standard of living.


My first and second marriages were disasters for very different reasons; the first fortunately brought me two wonderful hard earned children but due to the lack of affection from my husband they had to be meticulously planned. The second husband was a violent individual and totally opposite of my first husband the physical side was passionate entwined with both violent abuse and sexual ardour.


Deciding to move from the Free State to KwaZulu Natal seemed like the best thing at the time in order to remove myself from my second husbands family and then in time from him, unknowingly setting myself up for an even worse situation. Being the trusting person I am totally misled into a relationship with someone fourteen years my junior resulting in a lifelong deadly disease.


Living with the HI virus and acquired diseases related to HIV/AIDS since 2004, the lengthy detailed treatments are shared in the hope that it will create awareness to the public at large and show that acquiring the virus does not have to mean a death sentence. We are all going to die, eventually; it is just up to each one of us how you are going to live in-between, disease or no disease!


With support, yes, from family and friends believe it or not it has helped somewhat in removing the stigma and discrimination attached to the disease and with proper assistance and support the stigma can be overcome. By pointing people in the right direction and advising what to do, where to go, when and how to do it will hopefully prolong their life by managing their disease.


The treatment takes the reader through the various stages of acquired diseases that affected me and by doing this give people hope that acquiring diseases such as Strokes, Pneumonia, Shingles, TB Meningitis and Cancer (Angioimmunoblasticlymphadenopathy) will show them that living a healthy lifestyle can and does work. Going onto ARVs need not be a nightmare if taken correctly; they will enhance your life.


The lack of support within the suburbs is frightening and is addressed with contact details to counselling, testing and support group facilities. Add to this some tried and tested, easy, healthy recipes, the first thing that always gets asked is ‘So, what do you eat?’ necessitated this inclusion.



The thirty-six FAQ are easy to understand and an integral part of creating awareness and giving information to the still unacquainted people of South Africa in a manner that encourages them to want to read and find out more about this disease.



It boils down to ADAPT or DIE, I chose to adapt!


‘The Deadly Seducer‘                                                                               Blurb by Charlotte Kemp



‘A bold and honest account, Cindy Pivacic shares her story about how she came to contract HIV & AIDS and how she responded to it.


Not only is she living healthy years later, but her vibrant and energetic character has been poured into helping others experiencing the same situation.


Cindy presents talks and workshops on living positively with HIV & AIDS and those, with this book and her online presence, gives her the opportunity to create awareness, give testimony concerning the HIV & AIDS issue, and to assist in de-stigmatising this secret killer’.






I would like to present my course of HIV & AIDS in the Workplace to staff as it is still a considerable concern in the work environment.


Recent stats reported by the government beginning April 2014 stated that there were 400K registered new infections since 2012 and 6.4 million people are infected.


Those are the known persons and affects individuals from all walks of life, everyone is at risk.


Retain experienced workers by educating and avoiding the plunge into additional costs of training new people, their Health & Wellness should be your priority not just theirs.


If you would be so kind as to share the information with the relevant person/persons or point me in the right direction of who manages this form of training, I would appreciate immensely.



Upon completion of the programme, trained HIV & AIDS coordinators will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV & AIDS in a workplace, and its effects on a business sub-sector, own organisation and a specific workplace.
This provides a broad introduction to HIV & AIDS in the workplace.

It introduces a broad case of knowledge about HIV & AIDS that will enable learners to be informed and caring towards workers in an industry.
The focus is knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner’s own context and experience of the world of work.


Training outcomes:


After completing the training programme the learner is capable of:

• Understanding the effects of HIV & AIDS on the immune system.
• Knowing how HIV & AIDS is transmitted.
• Knowing what behaviour is safe and what behaviour carries the risk of HIV & AIDS transmission.
• Knowing what guidelines and assistance are available to support workers with HIV & AIDS and   recognise own role in creating a caring work environment.
• Understanding the implications of the HIV & AIDS pandemic for society, the economy, a business        sub-sector, an organisation and a specific workplace.

This programme is also available as a certified accredited option: US 13915 SSETA


Please feel free to ask for more details on this option. I look forward to your response

Feedback from Durban Academy – HIV Presentation Gr11

On 5 February, 2014, in Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

Durban Academy 4Feb14 640







Dearest Cindy,


Thank you so much for talking to our kids about HIV and AIDS.


You have turned mere Buzz words into a reality for them and touched them in a
way that a teacher talking about the topic could not. HIV to them is now more
than just a red ribbon.


Thanks again for your “positive” touch.



Warren Wessels
Senior Life Science and English Home Language Educator

Interview 1KZN TV – ‘The Deadly Seducer’

On 2 February, 2014, in Book, Media, Press, Testimonials, by Cindy Pivacic

At last I have a copy of the interview with 1 KZN TV.


Book launch interview of ‘The Deadly Seducer’ first flighted on 10th October 2013.


Some Q & A’s around how I manage my health and the reason for writing a book of my experiences, living with the HI virus.

Follow the youtube link to view.