Own Your Challenges!

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Plodding along in the hope that everything will turn out just fine, is not an option.

If you are faced with challenges, whether physical or emotional, will affect your mental state and jeopardise your ability to function normally.

Facing your challenges or fears is the only way to make practical choices in order to change your circumstances. The question is; how do you do that?

Not everyone has a personality type to cope with challenges on their own so acquiring the valuable and experienced counselling/guidance is paramount to get you through tough times.

If you have been through a traumatic event or face issues at work, or even in  your personal life, the best way to approach it is head-on and as soon as humanly possible.

Over and above my health issues, many years ago I was on holiday and my then husband had my 18 month son in a backpack carrier and decided to get a view of a mountain from a closer viewpoint. He stood up on a low wall overlooking a sheer drop. I freaked, lost the plot and screeched for him to get off the wall. Prior to that I had no issue with heights, little realising how that one incident would affect me for over thirty years.

Once I decided to own and face my fear of heights, I firstly went on a 1,5km Zipline Tour in Ballito, KZN. After a leisurely nature walk to the top of the cliff I was introduced to the “1st in the world” – all new “Parazip” proceeding to slide on a 400m cable from the top of the mountain.  That was around 2014.

I then decided, in 2018 that zip-lining was for sissies, so on World AIDS Day, I proceeded to tandem paraglide off Signal Hill. What a blast and I can honestly say I would do it again.

My life, my choices!

Don’t be ashamed of what you’ve been through or what you’re dealing with.

What are your challenges and what are you doing to defeat them?

There are ways to overcome each and every obstacle; you just need the right tools!

About Cindy: In 2004, Cindy was diagnosed with HIV & AIDS. By 2008 she was subjected to Cancer (stage 3b) and TB Meningitis. Cindy had two Strokes and Shingles, four times in one year. And a hefty bout of Pneumonia… all that in a space of four years. In March 2018 Cindy had a massive heart attack leading to a double bypass.

Is South Africa Winning the AIDS Battle?

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We have a HUGE problem still

Follow the link: HIV & AIDS in South Africa

HIV & AIDS in South Africa

By Dennis Sifris, M.D. and James Myhre

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You have something to say?

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If there is anyone keen to be a guest or participant on Viber Public Chat with me, download the app and let me know you are available and I will add you as a perm/temp participant. (inbox me your phone number so I can add you to my contact list)

I would like people that will ADD VALUE, nutritionists, people living with HIV, Dr’s, Virologists, Gov officials, Social Workers, celebs and other interesting, community active people.

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I do things differently and started 2016 with a new hair colour….let’s GO #BeyondHIV


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ribbon circle

Dear Supporters,


Today, three (3) years ago I went public with my #HIV positive status by sending my website into the world.


It did take me six (6) years to go public but I am happy to say once I did, it felt like a massive burden had been lifted from my shoulders and my health started to flourish.


It wasn’t the easiest thing to do as I assumed there would be some negativity from some and possibly be deleted from other’s lives.


I am happy to say, that was not the case at all and I thank every single one of you for the amazing support and feedback I have had over this period, which seems much longer than 3 years.


So much has happened and my website and presence on the internet/social media has put many people that are living with HIV in touch with me.


Thanks to Shawn Fouche and Charlotte Kemp for sponsoring my website. They are still a huge presence in my life and were also instrumental in getting my book, The Deadly Seducer, published.  My eternal gratitude.


My Mother, Lindsay Heydenrych has probably been the most supportive of all, in so many ways, my humblest gratitude.


I have landed on various TV shows:

Carte Blanche, SABC1, 1KZN TV, featured in the FNB advert ‘YouCanHelp’ campaign.



The Saturday Independent, Sunday Tribune, Highway Mail, Witness, Mercury, Daily News, Cape Argus, City Press….and it goes on!



Longevity Magazine, Balanced Life (Foschini Mag)



Voice of The Cape, OFM, Gagasi


The point I am making is that the message is getting out and that, is the ultimate objective here.


My thanks also go to the media for sharing this with the public and I have no doubt I have neglected some names here, my apologies.


I like to think that I have managed to quell some fears, be supportive and share information with these people and I hope it has assisted those that are HIV Negative, to remain so.


Many thanks again and I ask you, one and all:




May you make the right choices.



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