The Deadly Seducer

On 10 May, 2013, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

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A bold and honest account, Cindy Pivacic shares her story about how she came to contract HIV & AIDS and how she responded to it. Not only is she living healthy years later, but her vibrant and energetic character has been poured into helping others who are experiencing the same situation.

Cindy presents talks and workshops on living positively with HIV & AIDS and those, with this book and her online presence, gives her the opportunity to create awareness, give testimony concerning the HIV & AIDS issue, and to assist in de-stigmatising this secret killer.


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Carte Blanche – Sunday 29th January 2012

If you are a responsible individual you would like to see this!

The content showcases three women who were infected with HIV by the same person.


Excerpt from my book ‘AID My Journey’

“Standing at his bedside was the nurse from the pathology concern, who as I approached, said: “Oh, is this your son”? (He is 14 years my junior.) At the top of her voice she asked “Did he tell you he had an HIV- test and has his results”? I was gobsmacked at her asking this in a general ward full of people. I looked at her, she nodded, I looked at *Brad and he confirmed this information with a nod of assent as well.  Obviously, this blew my mind.”
* Not his real name.
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