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If there is anyone keen to be a guest or participant on Viber Public Chat with me, download the app and let me know you are available and I will add you as a perm/temp participant. (inbox me your phone number so I can add you to my contact list)

I would like people that will ADD VALUE, nutritionists, people living with HIV, Dr’s, Virologists, Gov officials, Social Workers, celebs and other interesting, community active people.

Join me on Viber, a free and amazing app for calls and messages! –

Link to the Public Chat I am hosting


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I do things differently and started 2016 with a new hair colour….let’s GO #BeyondHIV


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Viber Invite & Press Release

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Game On!

My quote for Viber Press Release Today

“We’re in a new era of HIV care and prevention”, says Cindy Pivacic, HIV Speaker, Trainer and Activist. “Viber Public Chats represent an ideal platform for spreading messages and debating HIV issues.” Cindy’s decision to go public with her status was prompted by her own experience with the disease. After acquiring numerous illnesses associated with HIV and AIDS, Cindy realised that she would not cope without the help of others. “Through the use of Viber Public Chats, I hope to bring together a group of people who have experiences to share and discuss HIV knowledge, stigma and prevention and ultimately call on people to get tested.”

Join me on Viber, a free and amazing app for calls and messages!

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       The link for the Public Chat I am hosting


Why Viber?

Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere!

  • Free text, calling, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber users*
  • No registration, alias or invitations required
  • Instantly integrates with your own contact list
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