I am starting a Support Group 4th August 2011 @ 18h30

I am a speaker, living positively with HIV and AIDS since November 2004 and the budding author of the yet unpublished “AID My Journey”.

Having lived through numerous challenges I would like to share my journey from diagnosis through to the present stage of my life, proving that HIV and AIDS is a manageable disease. It need not be a death sentence and I am living proof that a healthy lifestyle can prolong your existence if you have prior knowledge of what to do, where to go, when, and how to do it, making my speaking relevant and personal and designed to be both educational as well as motivational.

If I manage to inspire just one person, I will consider this part of my life successful.
Contact me for more information. I am also a Counsellor and your details will be strictly confidential.

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2 Responses to Support Group 4th August 2011 Strictly Confidential

  1. Charmaine Robinson says:

    Hi there,
    I have given Catherine from our HIVAN organization your info. They will be sending you the list shortly.

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