"HIVentureHIVenture – Tour de Life


A Road trip is planned!! Take Responsibility – Take Action


Support this HIV & AIDS Awareness Initiative – What can you do?

  • Companies and individuals lend your name to creating awareness!


  • Scheduled date TBC


  • We invite companies that are interested in the health and well-being of South Africa to join the venture that is already in motion.


  • Maximum media exposure.


  • By lending your name to a serious concern in South Africa you are invited to join forces with HIVenture – Tour de Life.


  • The organization will create awareness which will in turn assist in limiting the HIV infection in our nation.


  • By targeting Education and Business institutions the HIV & AIDS message will get to the public.




‘HIVenture-Tour de Life’ aims to spread the word not the virus by promoting change in the lifestyle of South Africans to rapidly decrease the rate of infections.


As an optimistically positive person living with HIV & AIDS since November 2004, (AID My Journey-Support NPO 093-243) I, Cindy Pivacic choose to share my journey and alert others to the hazards of exposure to the virus.


Also along for the ride; will be a Social Media/Events coordinator guru to assist in coordinating the tour and affiliated to AID My Journey-Support, contributing to the message.


“To mobilise and empower the South African business sector as well as the population at large to take effective action on HIV and AIDS”.

Support our Skills Initiative Projects – sms the word ‘THINK’ to 38665 to donate R10.00



Follow the link and ‘like’ the page to stay on track with the journey!


Facebook link      https://www.facebook.com/HIVentureTourdeLife


Email:                    cindy@cindypivacic.co.za


Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.

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