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On 31 January, 2020, in Health and Wellness, by Cindy Pivacic

Living Intentionally after a Major Setback

How do you do that?

This is a question many people ask as they, themselves, have had difficulty coming back from a major setback, be it a health diagnosis, divorce, an untimely death in their family, job loss, and more.

There is no straight answer as we all deal with trauma differently and we all have a variety of characteristics that add or dim our ability to move forward.

Many people do not have the capacity to go it alone, so here are a few pointers to consider, if you are struggling.

Keep in mind, it is NOT a shame if you are unable to cope on your own!

Firstly, evaluate your situation and decide just when, how, what and why you require support.

Secondly, approach either a professional, mentor or trusted friend/colleague who will ensure that your discussions will be confidential.


Failure: is a part of thriving and moving forward.

Introspection: recognise that you will need time to process what has happened.

Timeout: get away from your immediate situation and do something fun OUTDOORS.

Reflect: Ask a credible mentor to give you sincere feedback on your situation and allow you to vocalise freely, offering support and encouragement on a positive way forward.

Lessons: Learn how you can use this situation to tackle potential future challenges.

Control: Consider what is in your control, if you have been unsuccessful or unproductive, read relevant books, take a course and upskill yourself in some constructive manner.

Serious: It may sound impossible, selfish and uncomfortable but put yourself in situations where you are ‘forced’ to laugh and enjoy yourself. It may be a temporary situation but will clear your mind. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Chance: Take a risk! Be adaptable and take a chance as being too cautious can lead to failure and isolation.

Positivity: A positive outlook is not easy for everyone. It is important to ‘force’ yourself into that space and it will gradually become the norm and is a critical part of moving forward.

Reflect: Reflect, reflect, reflect! Keeping a journal is one way of monitoring your progress and can provide evidence of how you have progressed as well as an archive of previous setbacks and how you dealt with a specific situation.

While setbacks can discourage you, this is also an occasion to review your current dilemma from a unique perspective, through your own, and your mentors’ eyes.

Create your own power to focus and adapt.


GET YOUR Balance & Bounce BACK!



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