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Projects we have in place or which are in the process of being set up.

We require support in various forms and individuals as well as companies wishing to apply their CSI (Corporate Social Investment) Programme and structure an association with a Non-Profit Organisation then feel free to request additional information.

The projects are aimed at individuals living with HIV & AIDS


The following Project and outline below will give you an idea of what we propose to do.


Project 1:  Computer Skills Income Initiative


This initiative is to empower persons to prepare small business plans, quotes, letters and essential admin skills etc. in order to generate an income for themselves.


Project 2: Training: Support Group Facilitator – Quality Living Course


A valuable initiative that will encourage individuals to share this much needed information and in time assist in removing the stigma attached to the virus.


This initiative is to motivate and empower individuals to take this course information back to their communities and potentially generate an income for themselves by facilitating their own courses.

See ‘Wish List’ drop down for other requirements.

Thank you!

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