Snippet No. 4

On 16 May, 2011, in Book, by Cindy Pivacic

I eventually booted Brad out of my cottage as his drinking habits had returned to his pre-diagnosis behaviour – in fact they were possibly worse than before. He had the audacity, when he knew I was going away for a few days to Cape Town for my company’s year-end function, to pay for a plane ticket to bring a girl he had met recently in Port Elizabeth to my home.

He must have under-estimated my intelligence and suspicious mind. I had already decided before knowing this that he was out of my life. Before I left, I decided to pack his few belongings into black bags, as he had no suitcases, and I found confirmation of payment for the flight in the cupboard while scooping his possessions into bags. I swiftly packed everything and informed him his belongings were on the porch. I had already retrieved the extra cottage keys from him and felt comfortable leaving for my weekend in Cape Town. Little did I realise that I had not locked the main door, but had only put the police security lock in – so much for my intelligence! Fortunately he was not wise, or foolish, enough to test the front door and on returning four days later found my home intact.


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