Do YOU speak HIV?

On 29 October, 2014, in Book, The Deadly Seducer, by Cindy Pivacic

The Deadly Seducer - an informative read on Living Positively with HIV & AIDS

If you don’t know the questions around HIV & AIDS, you won’t know the answers.

The Deadly Seducer authored by myself, includes 36 Q & A’s giving some insightful information at the end of the book.

With World AIDS Day (WAD) on the 1st of December and that time of the year when you are shopping for gifts, including the Christmas season, is the perfect opportunity to get reading and talking on this subject matter.

As you are aware, HIV Positive Speakers are in demand over this period, therefore in quite short supply so companies are opting to host their events either the week prior or post the 1st December.

There are other options if your event is on the 1st and you are unable to provide an HIV Positive Speaker:

By purchasing copies of The Deadly Seducer as a hand-out or gift you can get a Peer Educator to read excerpts to the employees as encouragement, hope and awareness.

I trust that this will assist you in the planning of your event.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Contact me for details to purchase your copy of this valuable and enlightening information.





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